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Varminter 4.0



Our 100% titanium design quickly and easily breaks down for cleaning, and is built expressly for tactical shooters, varmint hunters, long range competition, benchrest, tactical competitions, and all other shooting activities.


The Varminter 4.0 is the lightest, quietest silencer of it’s type on the market today. The .30 caliber version can even be shortened by 2” for users who want flexibility in sizes, without investing in two different silencers..


How the Varminter 4.0 Works

Not all silencers are created equal. The all titanium Varminter 4.0 stands tall among the competition with a bleeding edge stacked baffle design that masterfully wicks the high pressure muzzle gas through the tube and baffle stack by changing sound tone, and bleeding gas energy off as heat instead of sound. The end result is an advanced silencer that is quieter than any other stacked baffle silencer in the world.

Precision machined. Precision fitted. Anyone can weld parts together, but it takes skill, experience and true craftsmanship to make a silencer without welded components. You’ll enjoy better accuracy and more pleasant shooting by using the custom fitted Varminter 4.0 stacked baffles, and not have to worry about your silencer literally falling apart at the seams.

Varminter 4.0 in .223

Magnum plus rated. .223/5.56, .22-50, .222, .22 rimfire, .204,
and all other .223 and smaller rounds.

Over 38 decibel sound reduction. 165 db ona Tikka T3 Varmint,
and only 126.5 db when fitted with the all titanium Varminter 4.0

  • Length: 7"
  • Diameter: 1.5"
  • Weight: 9 oz
  • Thread: 1/2 x 28 TPI
  • Price: $849.00

Construction – 100% Titanium. Magnum plus rated.

Varminter 4.0 Modular in 30 Cal

.308 Multi-caliber magnum plus rated silencer. .300 Weatherby, .300 Win Mag, .308/7.62 NATO, all the way down to .223/5.56 or even .22 rimfire.

Over 35 decibel sound reduction. 167 db on a Tikka T3 Varmint without silencer and 131.5 db fitted with the all titanium Varminter 4.0.

  • Length: 7" (short configuration) to 9"
  • Diameter: 1.5
  • Weight: 10 oz (short configuration) to 13.5 oz
  • Thread: 5/8" X 24 TPi
  • Price: $979.00

Construction – 100% titanium. Best magnum plus rated multi-caliber silencer. Best in class rifle sound reduction for .223/5.56, .22-250, .243, 6.5, .270, .308, .300 Win mag, .300 Weatherby and any other .30 caliber or smaller round operating at or below .300 Weatherby pressures.


Custom Designed for Unequaled Performance

The Mack Brothers start off by machining the Varminter 4.0 from solid titanium bar stock- no rolled tubes here. But we knew we could do much better.
So we made a thicker tube that bleeds muzzle blast heat faster than ever before, making a cooler, quieter silencer.

No Quieter Silencer on the Market. We Guarantee It.

Intense, rigorous military grade tasting on our Bruel and Kjaer 2209 Sound Testing Meter prove it, there is no quieter .223 or .308 silencer available on the market today- we guarantee it!

The Family Brand Behind the Silencer

At Dakota Silencer, we work only with the Mack Brothers of West River Rifle Company for their unparalleled experience and powerful reputation for excellence.

Allan and Dale Mack have spent nearly their entire lives manufacturing firearms, and continue to operate their family owned company to this day. Their multi-million dollar success story is behind many of the premium tactical and firearms products on the market today.

The master crafted products of the Mack Brothers are used and valued by the armed forces of the United States, as well as by many other government agencies and private citizens alike. The Mack Brothers combine the output of their state of the art, high volume manufacturing facility with strategic partnerships with Badger Ordnance, G.A. Precision, and Hog Saddle, in order to best serve the tactical firearms market.

Harness the Twin Powers of Silence and Accuracy

Dakota Silencer knows that the quality, construction and capabilities of your silencer are important to you. In the grandest of American traditions, Dakota Silencer saw a void in the market and filled it with our superior silencers to meet your every silencer need.

We are dedicated only to Class 3 firearms, and bring over a decade of experience in serving this exclusive market. We offer a perspective unique in the silencer manufacturing world, which allows us to bring innovative technology to market that would otherwise be unavailable through other firearms manufacturers.

This allows you to be assured we place the needs of the consumer ahead of everything else, and build our silencers with a reliability and professionalism which is harder and harder to find in today’s world. We welcome your business and value your trust in our products.