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“After picking up my silencer, we went directly to prairie dog hunting. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with this .30 cal varminter suppressor. It was so fun shooting without earplugs; we could just talk without yelling to be heard over ear protection. I can only describe the sound as similar to the air cannon used by mascots to shoot t-shirts into the stands at sporting events. Unbelievable!  I need another one. Could you please have someone call me to get this process started?  Thanks for the great product!”

Jason W. of Central Minnesota


My father and I met Brandon at a Pierre, SD gunshow maybe 9 to 10 years ago.  We started using the Varminter 1.0 for coyote calling contests…. now we are using the Varminter 3.0 in Long Range Shooting competitions all over the country.  As a member of law enforcement, I can tell you Dakota Silencer is well respected throughout our state.  Take their advice on doing a gun trust!

SD John G. of Rapid City,

We have been honored to sell Class 3 items to: Sioux Falls, SD Police Department, NC Game Fish & Parks, ND Game Fish & Parks, SD Game Fish & Parks (4 different locations), Codington County, SD Police Department, Lincoln, SD County Sheriff’s Department, ATF employees.

Several States Government Agencies,

I first met Dakota Silencer at a local gunshow and realized quickly they knew what they were talking about!   I see them each year at our local gunshow and have bought a different one each year.  They are professional & knowledge.  They helped me get my ND Gun Trust setup and everything was quickly approved by ATF.  I have a ND concealed carry, so they were able to mail me my silencer once approved.

ND Jim D. of Grand Forks,