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Brandon Maddox

September 7, 2014 By admin

Brandon is the owner of Dakota Silencer and has grown the company from its beginnings as a home-based FFL license and Class 3 dealership to the nationwide brand it is today.

With a passion for varmint hunting and advanced silencer research and technology, Brandon combined the two to bring the numerous silencer benefits to fellow hunters and target shooters. Now, after experimenting with silencers in the Western Dakota prairies for over 10 years, he’s widely recognized as a leader in the field.

Bandon now enjoys a President position of the Dakota Territory Gun Collectors Association, which oversees 14 gun shows throughout the Dakotas. He is also recognized as a national thought leader on Class 3 firearms and regularly speaks at National Compliance Conferences on Class 3 FFL firearms operations.

Brandon graduated from pharmacy school at The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and obtained his Master’s in Business (MBA) from Duke University. Brandon’s prior career was as a marketing executive within the pharmaceutical industry.  Currently, Brandon is a registered pharmacist in South Dakota, North Carolina, and Florida. His wife is a fifth generation South Dakotan and he has two young daughters.  Brandon’s Full Bio