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September 12, 2017 By admin

Education Building MN State Fairgrounds (St Paul, Minnesota)

August 14, 2017 By Suman Roy

August 2, 2017 By admin

The Daniel Defense DDM4ISR is an Integrally Suppressed Weapon System optimized for the .300 Blackout cartridge. Built around a 9”, cold hammer forged barrel that is fluted along with a target crown and a standard pistol-length gas system, this versatile, high-performance rifle is the complete package, accurately delivering both subsonic and supersonic projectiles downrange with […]

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Dakota Silencer suppressor wraps help mitigate optical mirage all while helping to protect yourself, and your gear against suppressor heat. Our Wraps were designed for precision shooting and not for heavy semi or full auto sustained fire.

July 3, 2017 By admin

All silencers and short barreled rifles require the purchase of a $200 Federal Tax Stamp. The National Firearms Act (NFA) introduced in 1934 requires NFA firearms to be registered and taxed. The $200 tax was quite prohibitive at the time, which was the goal of the National Firearms Act. If adjusted for inflation, the $200 required in […]

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AAC’s A.S.A.P system allows the silencer to function properly with tilting barrel semi-automatic pistols. However, when used on fixed barrels hosts, the A.S.A.P system needs to be disengaged for proper function. The fixed barrel spacer replaces the driving spring to render the A.S.A.P System appropriate for use on fixed barrel hosts. The new and improved fixed barrel spacer […]