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Varminter 4.0 in .30 Caliber

Varminter 4.0 in .30 Caliber

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Our bestselling multi-caliber silencer is now even better for 2018! The Varminter 4.0 is built to take hard hitting rounds like the .300 Weatherby, .300 Win Mag, and all other rounds down to .22 rim- fire, making it one of the most versatile silencers on the market.

  • Length: 7″ (short configuration) to 9″
  • Diameter: 1.5″
  • Weight: 10 oz (short configuration) to 13.5 oz
  • Thread: 5/8″ X 24 TPi
  • Price: $979.00

Not content with this achievement, you can now quickly reconfigure the all titanium Varminter 4.0 from 9” to 7”, all without the use of tools. Sometimes shorter is better, and now you can make the choice on how your Verminter 4.0 is assembled. Our new stacked baffle system locks together more securely than before, trapping more carbon within the baffle stack, where it is the easiest to clean, along with making it quieter and lighter.

Construction- 100% Titanium Caliber Rating- Magnum plus rated, can be used with .300 Weatherby all the way down to .22 rimfire
Finish- Flat black, with custom colors available on request at an additional charge. Endcap is nickel boron coated to ease disassembly for cleaning.
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$979.00   per unit quantity