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Sierra 338 - Elite Iron

Sierra 338 – Elite Iron

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Sierra 338 – Elite Iron

The 9.5″ Sierra is a magnum class, very robust, thread-on can suppressor that is used for .338 RUM and .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge rifles. The Sierra is used extensively by law enforcement, military and other serious shooter communities.

Our Sierra suppressor has been an outstanding rock star in the shooting world. We have received numerous reports from many sources stating that our .338 Lapua Sierra suppressor is much quieter than other manufacturers’ .308 suppressors.

Thread: Most common is 5/8″ X 24 tpi, but many other thread patterns available.

Using the described procedure for measuring sound, the actual sound pressure level reductions and specifications of our sound suppressor models are presented below.

All Arabic numeral “1” sound suppressors are specifically designed for law enforcement and military tactical applications.

Users frequently complain about a change of the point of impact between a rifle with and without a sound suppressor installed. This is most often a function of the inherent stiffness of the rifle’s barrel, not the sound suppressor. We offer the service or will instruct the customer in how to time out the suppressor to the weapon. This procedure will minimize the change of windage point of impact.

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  1. Tev Helmes
    5 out of 5


    I really enjoy it. I use it for multi calibers with a reducer without flaw. The smallest caliber is the .308 without a reducer. Brings the kick down from bigger calibers and is real quiet for smaller calibers. Wish it was not so heavy but, I love it.

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