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30 Cal Can Thread Adapter for AR-15 Barrel Threads

30 Cal Can Thread Adapter for AR-15 Barrel Threads

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30 Cal Can Thread Adapter for AR-15 Barrel Threads – Makes 30 cal can work on 223 threads

We had these adapters custom made on CNS equipment by a large manufacture, specific to our industry as a Class 3 dealer. These adapters were made to ensure the highest level of tolerance so no alignment issues.  The outside threads and inside threads are machined at the same time to ensure 100% alignment.  Thickness of face is important, we made to our specs for optimal accuracy. Buy with confidence!

Our customers were purchasing these types of adapters online from other vendors and they were experiencing baffle strikes, thus we had these custom made to our specification to ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality.  Be assured, these adapters are made by professionals in the Class 3 manufacturing business.

Thread adapter bringing ½” X 28 tpi threads up to 5/8” X 24 thread pitch, so you may use your 300 cal can in sub-caliber role on a 223/5.56 barrel threads. Adapter allows you to use a 300 cal can on a 223 threaded barrel.

Buy with confidence, we have sold thousands of these exact adapters over the years here and via our five Class 3 store locations.  We are a Class 3 dealer in 5 states.

Stainless Steel construction with sturdy wrench flats, in a stainless finish. 1/2 x 28 to 5/8 x 24 thread adapter. 1/2 X 28 to 5/8 X 24 thread adapter for 30 cal can.  Stainless Steel construction is more expense, but is worth it.  You don’t want adapter heating and cooling at a different rate than the barrel.  1040 SS with blued color to hold lubricant better.


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