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Q: How do you choose which silencers to keep in stock?

A:  Through our 10 years of experience in selling directly to customers and collaborating with gun owners and attending gunshows, we’ve found customers have three main issues driving their purchasing decisions:

  1. Best sound reduction
  2. Best value for the price; and
  3. Lightest weight for hunting convenience

Due to customer demand for these three types of silencers, we carry a large volume in each category. Of course, we’re also here to provide any other silencer you may want. As such, we can order any manufacturer’s silencer to ensure you have everything you need.

When you’re browsing your options, please note that a higher price doesn’t automatically mean that a silencer will be quieter. Large manufacturers commonly compromise value to mass produce in large volumes and turn larger profits (meaning you’ll pay more for less quality).

As always, you can contact our staff between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. during the week and after hours via email to assist with the purchasing process if you aren’t sure which silencer is right for you.

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