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  • July 15, 2015 By Suman Singha Roy

    The Vision that Started it All Growing up in South Dakota, Mack brothers Allan and Dale lived to hunt, shoot, and spend all their time outdoors. It seemed only natural they would turn their love of the outdoors into careers in the firearms industry. They both worked for Dakota Arms, which is owned by Remington, […]

  • June 18, 2015 By Suman Singha Roy

    Dakota Silencer has had over a decade of experience legally selling Midwestern citizens class 3 firearms. This tightly-regulated market is often difficult to navigate because of the extensive legal requirements and lengthy amounts of paperwork needed in order to possess a class 3 weapon. Fortunately, Dakota Silencers has the knowledge and experience to simplify this […]

  • By Suman Singha Roy

    For over ten years, Dakota Silencer has been providing law-abiding citizens with a way to legally purchase suppressors for their firearms. Now, they are excited to add Minnesota to their market since suppressor ownership is finally legal in the state. Dakota Silencer’s owner Brandon Maddox is excited to show MN why Dakota Silencer has become […]


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MN Silencer

Minnesota Silencer Dealer – Dakota Silencer

Dakota Silencer – Now Selling Silencers in Minnesota! • Many years’ experience with recommending perfect silencer (since 2005) • Completed thousands of silencer transfers through a “gun trust” • Inventory ready to transfer • Dedicated and knowledge staff – we only do Class 3 firearms • Provide customers a free Minnesota Gun Trust • Selling, […]


Silencer Travel- Across State Lines



Dakota Silencer can mail me my Silencer?

When Dakota Silencer first started, founder, Brandon Maddox had a real problem. He was working full time managing a local mail order pharmacy and due to time constraints, had to find a way to streamline all the paperwork involved with buying and selling silencers.  Brandon also quickly realized that silencer sales are a small niche […]