Dakota Silencer is excited, and proud to announce our new in-house barrel threading services. Using a brand new, state of the art HAAS TL-2 computerized CNC lathe, we can offer the most precise barrel threading possible. While it is possible to create a precisely threaded barrel with other tools or lathes, there can be no more precisely cut threads than are available at Dakota Silencer. See Video

We are justifiably proud of our reputation for precision and expertise at Dakota Silencer, and we spared no expense to develop the most advanced and precise barrel threading service available in the United States. Previously this kind of superior work was only available to government users and the most elite private parties, but Dakota Silencer is proud to offer this advanced barrel threading to the public at large.

No longer content to send our valued customers elsewhere for barrel threading, we have chosen to offer this service in house, so that we may provide the best possible service and experience for our customers.
LIMITED INTRODUCTORY PRICING. Only $119.99 $79.98 for our ultra precision barrel threading. Take advantage of our on site professional gunsmithing services, and have your gun serviced or repaired when we thread your barrel. Just ask for a price quote.


Dakota Silencer’s 2018 newest technology. Computerized CNC lathe for the most precise threads possible.

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FAQ's & Testimonials


Dakota Silencer Barrel Threading FAQ’s

How do I get my gun/barrel to Dakota Silencer for threading?
You may bring your gun/barrel to any of the gun shows we attend, and leave it with one of our team members. You can also drop it off, or ship it to our location in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Please note, firearms must be unloaded. Please ensure there is no round in the chamber of your firearm, and that the magazine or tube is empty before shipping or dropping off with us.

  • Rifles:Please remove all accessories such as scopes and rings, bipods, slings, lights, etc... Bolt action rifles should be left in the stock whenever possible. If you must ship the barreled action by itself, we strongly advise removal of the trigger assembly. This avoids the chance of having the fragile trigger group break or suffer damage in shipping.
  • AR-15 or AR-10 Type Uppers: In most cases, you do not need to remove the barrel. Just ship the entire upper, minus the bolt carrier group, and all rail mounted accessories/sights.

How long will the threading take?

Our goal is always a 10-14 day turnaround time. Any additional work requested may take longer.

How do I get my gun/barrel back after it is done being threaded by Dakota Silencer?

Guns/barrels dropped off with Dakota Silencers at a gun show will be shipped back to the customer as soon as it is finished. Guns/barrels dropped off at our Sioux Falls location may be picked up in store. All others will be shipped to customers when the work is completed.

How much will it cost?

Threading is $119.99 LIMITED INTRODUCTORY OFFER JUST $79.98 per barrel, plus shipping. Additional gunsmithing services available. Prices vary depending on services requested.

What gun shows can I drop my gun/barrel off for threading?

A full list of our upcoming shows is available here We look forward to providing you with the most precise barrel threading available!


"Finally, CNC lathe for barrel threading at an affordable price!"
Weston M. from St. Paul, MN

"Threads look perfect, service was easy, quick & professional. Highly recommend...."
Matt L. from Vermillion, SD